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Neil Kaplan, a 4 year veteran of the OCFOA, was hired this summer to officiate in the Polska Futbal Liga – The Polish American Football League.  He officiated games throughout the country as a flank.  “My debut in the world of international football officiating could not have gone better,” said Kaplan, “the continuous training that I’ve received during my officiating career from Andy Bruer and Mark Andrews and the rest of the OCFOA leadership prepared me well for this experience.  The solid foundation in mechanics and rules interpretation that I have from my years officiating in Orange County made the transition to the league in Poland very smooth.”

OCFOA Registration for the 2020 season is Now OPEN

Registration for all returning, transferring and new officials is now open. If you have officiated high school football for any association in the past, please register at: . The dues for 2020 remain $160.

All officials must be covered by official’s liability insurance either through NASO or NFHS for the entirety of the 2020 season. If you have existing insurance through NASO or NFHS, be prepared to supply your membership number.

NFHS coverage obtained through OCFOA last season will not cover you for this season, you must renew your coverage. Once again, coverage through NFHS will cost $25 and will be added to your membership dues if you do not have existing officials liability insurance through NFHS or NASO.

New officials can register here: . I encourage you to invite your friends and neighbors to join the brotherhood of football officials.

We have multiple payment options available. If you have any questions or issues with regard to payment or the registration process itself, please let me know.


Troy Leonard

2020 High School Football Preview

This email was copied to all OCFOA officials.

The 2020 season starts NOW! Here are a few highlights.

2020 Crews
1) If you are not on a crew, it’s up to you to reach out to crew chiefs that you would like to work with. You may feel more comfortable to have one of the crew members put in a good word for you if you do not know the crew chief.
2) If you do not want to be on your current crew, notify Jeff Roberts that you no longer wish to be on your current crew. He will keep track until the new Vice-President is confirmed. It would be greatly appreciated if you copy me on your email. This is also for crew chief removing current crew members.
3) The process for an updated list for our website will be determined at the next board meeting on January 29.

2020 Varsity Referee Assignments
Those who are interested in referee assignments on varsity games as a crew chief or gray hat are to notify Jeff Roberts. Please state which type(s) you would like to be considered.

Rehab starts now. Don’t let stuff linger. We want you feeling great by the start of the 2020 season.

Questions About the 2019 Season?
It’s best to answer questions regarding the 2019 now instead of waiting for the start of next season. Feel free to contact a board member or me if applicable. A list of board members is on the website.

Paul Caldera, Assignor
Orange County Football Officials Association.

State Regional Assignments 2019


This email was copied to all OCFOA officials.

Congratulations to the following officials selected to work CIF State Regional football games:

Division 1A – Oceanside vs. Corona Del Mar at Newport Harbor HS (Saturday, December 7th at 6:00 pm)
Referee – Frank Werner

Division 2AA – Aquinas at San Juan Hills (Friday, December 6th at 7:30 pm)
Linesman – Colin Nesbitt

Division 6AA – Canoga Park at South Torrance (Friday, December 6th at 7:30 pm)
Referee – Steve Heyman
Line Judge – Alan Weyrick
Linesman – Jim Ryan
Umpire – Mike Hannah
Back Judge – Corey McManimen
Side Judge – Michael Hudak
Field Judge – Steve McKay