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Jack Brisacher Award


The Jack Brisacher Award was established in 2010. Jack, a senior member of the OCFOA since 1968, has given and continues to give his time to the association for over 43 years. He was honored with the John McDonough Sportsmanship Award in 1991.

This award goes to individuals that have given a tremendous amount of service back to the members and the association.

Previous Winners

  • 2010       Daryl Dyson
  • 2011       Greg Willard
  • 2012       Brian Brennan
  • 2013       Mark Graban
  • 2014       Fran Ursini
  • 2015       Mark Andrews
  • 2016       Andy Bruer
  • 2017
  • 2018      Chad Wilson
  • 2019