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Where Can I Get answers to my questions/concerns?

Where can I provide feedback?

  1. If you have questions about a penalty, play, rule interpretation that requires review of film, we would be happy to take a look and provide feedback and evaluations. In HUDL you can send your film request with plays identified to “Orange County Football Officials Association – Mens Varsity Football” There is an area for comments. You can include your concerns there. Please give us the Play #, the Player #’s involved and what your concern or question is.
  2. If you have some concerns about the conduct of one of our officials, please contact Dennis Corrigan (Ethics Committee Chairman) or contact Troy Leonard (Secretary Treasurer)

How you can help

OCFOA is always looking to improve and provide the highest quality officials on the field. To do this we need to increase the number of officials within the association. To do this we have done the following:

  • Partnered with other associations like “Battlefields to Ballfields”, Pop-Warner, JAA and other associations
  • Work with other Football officials associations in CA to align our training programs and certifications
  • Proactively request game film on HUDL from the schools to show officials where they can improve

The ways you can help the quality of officiating on the field are:

  • Send in game film identifying areas for improvement; or simple frustrations and questions. That is a good platform for expressing displeasure. We take it seriously and we do respond with impartial feedback. Additionally, we use this information to further instruct and evaluate our officials. Film is by far one of the best tools we have to get better
  • Work with the officiating crew. Granted there are times when you will be frustrated while trying to win but communicate in a respectful manner.
  • Encourage your players to talk to the officials on the field when something is not right. Have them give the closest official a number and what the offending person is doing. This will help us focus on trouble spots on the field.
  • Encourage your assistant coaches to funnel their frustrations, comments and questions thru you. We understand this is a passionate game but we need to make sure we know who to communicate with.
  • When you are having issues with an official speak with the Referee in a calm and professional manner. Let him know what the issue is and allow him/her to address it properly. If you are then not satisfied contact us and we will absolutely look in to the issue.