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OCFOA Committees

OCFOA Committees 2020

By-Laws Committee

Kirk Van Rooyen MD (Chair), Tim McCune, Barry Sousa, *President (Jeff Roberts)(Adviser)

Referee Review Committee

Mike Darakjian(Chair), Pete Gizzi, John Holmberg, *President (Jeff Roberts)(Adviser)

Audit Committee

Paul Hebbard(Chair), Jeff Bundy, *President (Jeff Roberts)(Adviser)

Social Committee

__________________(Chair), ____________________, _____________________, *Vice President (Brian Brennan)(Adviser)

Nominating Committee

Don Ariosto(Chair), Jim Druding, *Vice President (Brian Brennan)(Adviser)

Crew Chief Selection Committee

Bob Yoakim(Chair), Rick Langermeier, Jim Molden, 

Recruitment and Retention Committee

Andy Bruer(Chair), Bill Graham, Dr. Kirk Van Rooyan, Steve Carter, Jeff Osborne, *Secretary (Troy Leonard)(Adviser)

Web Site Committee

Mark Andrews (Web Master), Troy Leonard, *Secretary (Troy Leonard)(Adviser)

Awards Committee

Secretary (Troy Leonard)(Chair), Executive Board

Rookie of the Year Award Committee

Instructional Chairman(Mark Andrews)(Chair), First year Instructors(Andy Bruer)

Ethics Committee

Dennis Corrigan (Chair), Marce Almaraz, Daniel Muniz, Mike Brookman, Thomas Cantrell. (Operates independently and can not have a board member; Chair by presidential appointment)