The football season is scheduled to begin on Jan 8th. Instruction will begin in November.Rule and case books will be available soon.
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The Orange County Football Officials Association (OCFOA) provides certified football officials for football in Orange County. We currently provide high-level training and certification for those looking to officiate CIF high school football and provide a solid foundation for those looking to move on to the NCAA or the NFL. We have a healthy list of officials who are currently working in the NFL and D1 College ranks.

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Weekly Bull 8-28-20

Weekly Bull 8-28-20

Weekly Bull Week ending 8-28-20docx ...
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Rich Brown

Vic Barruga

B. Brennan

D. Bautista, M. Covarrubias, B.Brennan, B.Applegarth, J.Holmberg

Rod Ammari(PAC-12) - OCFOA Alumni

Laird Hayes(NFL) - OCFOA Alumni

Radames Gutierrez

B. Brennan

M. Andrews, T. Dickenson, J. Ryan, P. Caldera, ,T. Innocente , S. McKay

Jeff Bundy

V. Barruga, J. Ryan, D. Douglas, G. Crook

P. Snow, T. Norris, G. Gilman, ,B, Hughes

Andy Bruer, Greg Welty

R. Brown

Tony Bryant

John McDonnough(NFL) - superbowl IV

R. Brown, M. Harrison, S. Figueroa, K. Green, J. Ryan

Sal Figueroa

T. Leonard

Todd Prukop(NFL) - OCFOA Alumni

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