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The Orange County Football Officials Association (OCFOA) provides certified football officials for football in Orange County. We currently provide high-level training and certification for those looking to officiate CIF high school football and provide a solid foundation for those looking to move on to the NCAA or the NFL. We have a healthy list of officials who are currently working in the NFL and D1 College ranks.

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OCFOA Registration for the 2020 season is Now OPEN

OCFOA Registration for the 2020 season is Now OPEN

Registration for all returning, transferring and new officials is now open. If you have officiated high school football for any association in the past, please register at: https://ocfoa.org/registration/ . The dues for 2020 remain $160. All officials must be covered by official’s liability insurance either through NASO or NFHS for the entirety of the 2020 … Continue reading OCFOA Registration for the 2020 season is Now OPEN → ...
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Rich Brown

Andy Bruer, Greg Welty

R. Brown

Tony Bryant

Laird Hayes(NFL) - OCFOA Alumni

Rod Ammari(PAC-12) - OCFOA Alumni

P. Snow, T. Norris, G. Gilman, ,B, Hughes

T. Leonard

B. Brennan

Vic Barruga

John McDonnough(NFL) - superbowl IV

Todd Prukop(NFL) - OCFOA Alumni

B. Brennan

Sal Figueroa

Jeff Bundy

M. Andrews, T. Dickenson, J. Ryan, P. Caldera, ,T. Innocente , S. McKay

R. Brown, M. Harrison, S. Figueroa, K. Green, J. Ryan

V. Barruga, J. Ryan, D. Douglas, G. Crook

D. Bautista, M. Covarrubias, B.Brennan, B.Applegarth, J.Holmberg

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