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This video deals with the new rule 2-32-16d which describes what type of forceable contact is legal when contacting a defenseless receiver

This video covers the approach California Football Officials are to take when dealing with equipment violations. Click on the following links to obtain the game card shown in the video. Orange County Game Card - San Diego Game Card - Blank Game Card for all other associations - INSTRUCTIONS FOR MODIFYING BLANK GAME CARD: Enter the requested information in cells E7-E11 and K7-K11 and the card will populate. If you are downloading the blank version, delete the 4 San Diego Logos, then go to Insert, Picture, and choose your association logo. It will paste onto the Excel Spreadsheet. From there you can resize it, move it and copy it for the other 3 locations. The gray area below the logo is for any requests or reminders you want the coach to have.

Various plays involving roughing the kicker, the kicking game, targeting among others

More plays from Mike Pereira, plus legal and illegal blocking below the waist, ineligible receiver downfield and a discussion of when a foul should not be called.

It's so good to be back!!! I love making these videos and have been so frustrated that I've been kept away from doing this by a million other duties I need to divest myself of. Anyway here's a discussion of DPI. A couple examples from Mike Pereira who was kind enough to allow me to use them. We discuss the elements of pass interference and then a couple of OPI plays. Episode 4 is right around the corner.