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The final four plays of the first half of the 2022 California CIF State Open Division Championship game. Each play presents it's own teaching moments.

Review of illegal equipment and legal equipment worn improperly. I discuss the play clock and how to handle stoppage. This video was produced from a powerpoint prentation by Cal Evan in Oahu. Thanks Cal!!

An in depth look at Hurdling and Excessive Contact to a Defenseless Player

I left question 8 out of the Summer Study Guide video. Here it is

A Continuation of the video review of the Summer Study Guide. This is part 2 questions 21-40. If you haven't done so already, please watch the introductory video for this playlist. If you want to go to a specific question on this video, click on "Show More" below and then the click on the time stamp that corresponds to the question #. Even though the title says 2020 Summer Study Guide, this is the test we used for 2021(Covid). We go over the questions, the rule references and ultimately the correct answer. There is a lot more information in the video than just the correct answer. 0:00 Begin 0:03 Question 21 2:36 Question 22 3:57 Question 23 5:11 Question 24 7:06 Question 25 9:19 Question 26 11:50 Question 27 13:21 Question 28 16:09 Question 29 17:02 Question 30 18:07 Question 31 19:30 Question 32 21:09 Question 33 24:57 Question 34 28:02 Question 35 32:49 Question 36 35:11 Question 37 36:29: Question 38 37:07 Question 39 37:46 Question 40