Welcome To The OCFOA Hudl Information Page


Officials: Only Varsity Crew Chiefs will have access to game films via hudl. If you would like access for a game you worked, please email hudl@ocfoa.org.  

Coaches: Please “Exchange” Your Varsity Game Film With “Orange County Football Officials Association”!

Note: If you are a Varsity White Hat and don’t see your game film on Hudl.com, the coach has not “shared” his game film with the OCFOA. Please remind them to “Exchange With Orange County Football Officials Association”

How To Use HUDL

After you log into Hudl.com follow these directions:

1) Click Library

2) Click 2014-2015 Season


2c) Click the game you want to see

3) Hit The Play Button

4) Those are were all the plays the coached share with us.

Any other questions, please refer to the OCFOA.org Hudl Webpage.

Want to learn how to use Hudl? Just click on the link below:

How to Use Hudl


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