2022 Week 3 Weekly Bulletin

Week 3 Bulletin

    • The Week 3 Varsity Schedule can be found here https://ocfoa.org/members-area/weekly-schedule/
    • Player Equipment– How are we doing?  Players and coaches seem to be understanding what we are enforcing, and the anger level seems to be decreasing.  Biggest problems I’ve seen are the pants not covering the knees, face painted symbols, and shirts untucked, sweat bands worn everywhere but on the wrist and finally those wonderful rubber bracelets.  Always, always look for this to be corrected in pre-game, but if we see legal equipment not being worn properly, or adornments like face painting, send them off for one play.  Do not warn. Report huge problems to me.
    • Visors– If you see a visor that is not clear in color, then it is illegal.  A pink or rainbow tinted visor is not legal.  Take the plain white side of your game card and place it behind the visor.  If it is clear, the card will look completely white.  If it’s tinted, the card will change in color or tint. A doctor’s note does not invalidate this requirement.
    • Sideline Interference Contact in the restricted area with a non-player is not an Unsportsmanlike Conduct Foul (UNS), it is a foul for Illegal Personal Conduct and should not be combined with a UNS that results in an ejection. Two Sideline Interference fouls against a team involving any non-players results in a disqualification of the Head Coach. Be sure to inform the Head Coach
    • Officials Observing Crews The association supports non crew officials, first year officials in particular to attend Varsity games, participate in the pregame and observe officials on the field. I’ve been told that some observing officials were commenting on spotting the ball, asking questions and then relaying the answer to others. In one instance an observer came onto the field during a skirmish. None of this behavior is acceptable. If you are dressed as an official minus the striped shirt, teams will assume you are there to evaluate the crew. If this is brought up by players or coaches, make it very clear that you are there to learn not evaluate. If you have questions, ask the crew at half time or after the game for clarification and understanding.
  • Food For Thought – 3rdand 9 at the R14-yard line with 20 seconds remaining.  K’s field goal attempt is blocked and the ball is recovered by K26 at the R20-yard line.  What is the status of the clock?  Running?  Stopped?  Whose ball? Answer in next weeks bulletin.
  • The next instructional meeting will be Sept 21st 2022 at 6:30 The meeting will be held at Los Alisos (not Old World). The topic for the meeting will be “Flanks, responsibilities, how the other members of the crew can make them better and vice versa”

    Zoom information is the same for each meeting.  To join the Zoom Meeting click on the link below or copy and paste the following link into your browser’s address bar



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