Testing as of 9-1-21

I’ve extended the due date for the required testing to 9-30-21. As I said in my email, once you’ve completed a test, let me know and I will send you a link to a video that covers the entire test, much like what I did for the classification exam. If you missed th 8-18 meeting you can watch it here and you will get all the answers to the classification test. The meeting actually starts at about the 18:30 mark.
I’ve created a spreadsheet of all the tests and the names of those that have passed. You can download the spreadsheet and search for your name to verify that you’ve passed/completed the required testing. If you feel that you’ve passed a test but you’re not on the list, please forward me the acknowledgement email you received from Arbiter after you completed the test.
Mark Andrews
Summary of Officials that have passed 2020 tests

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