CIF Semifinal/Finals List

The playoff list that was submitted to CIF is posted on the website here Playoff Assignments

This list was submitted to CIF for semi-final and finals consideration. Priority for each round will be given to those on the final/semi-final list. The rest of the games will be assigned using the ratings as submitted by the rating chairman

The assignor has been directed to fill the remaining spots at his discretion. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Frank Werner.

Referee Umpire Linesman Line Judge Back Judge Side Judge Field Judge
Frank Werner Mike Hannah Mark Andrews Tom Innocenti Cory McManimen Greg Locy Steve McKay
Steve Heyman James Molden David Moreno Alan Weyrick Paul Schneider Michael Darakjian Andy Bruer
Don Ariosto Mark Youngdahl Jim Ryan Kyle Cason Rich Brown Michael Hudak Tony Bryant
Michael Darakjian Chris Salio Ray Rangel Greg Crook Mary Margaret Montgomery
Jeff Roberts Modesto Vega Jeff Bundy Daniel Muniz Paul Hebbard

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