Week 10 Football Notes (IMPORTANT)

This was copied to all Orange County high school football contacts.

Schedule Changes

– After speaking to CIF Southern Section Assistant Commissioner, Richard Shearer, players who leave the bench area during an altercation on the field will be ineligible next game.  NO EXCEPTIONS. I asked what if after a kick, the new offensive and new defensive players are coming on the field. His response was, “The players have to know to stay on the sidelines until altercations are over”.  This not in the rule book. It is a CIF directive.

Cooler Heads Prevail
– Many games determine playoff spots. Understand the importance and don’t let emotions get the best of you.

Wearing Pink
– Thursday, October 31 is the last day to wear pink gear & accessories. Wear normal gear on Friday, November 1.

Playoff Assignments
– Playoff lists will be posted this week. The list submitted to CIF take priority. Subsequent assignments will go off the Rating Committed list. Any remaining openings are assigned at my discretion per direction of the board.
– If there is a turn back fee due, you may not be considered for playoff assignments (OCFOA Policy & Procedures: Game Assignments & Compensation Item #9).

Paul Caldera, Assignor
Orange County Football Officials Association

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