Week 8 Football Notes

This was copied to all Orange County high school football contacts and officials.

Forward Progress
Once a runner is wrapped and stopped/driven back, officials are to stop play. Do not let runners take unnecessary hits. This also eliminates cheap fumbles.

Player Conduct
If an official has an issue with a player, the official has the following options:
– Throw a flag
– If you warn a player, notify the head coach. It’s up to the coach to decide if HE WANTS TO PULL OUT THE PLAYER. Officials are NOT to send players off for “conduct”. This is different from uniforms.
– The coach is the one rolling the dice as to leaving the player in the game instead of pulling the player for a pulling off period.

– Officials should slow down and discuss with other crew members. Remember that you already have a penalty. Ejections are because of the action. Don’t let your emotions talk you something it’s not.

Paul Caldera, Assignor
Orange County Football Officials Association

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