Meeting Attendance and required testing – PLEASE READ

OCFOA LOGOThis link will open a PDF file sorted by last name of all the attendance I’ve recorded so far. You can download it if you like, just click on the box with the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select download.
If you don’t see all the meetings you attended, search for your email address or last name. Some of you input your first name in the last name film and vice versa, I saw several misspellings. If you still feel there is a discrepancy, look in your email inbox for an email confirmation of the meeting that you are not seeing. Contact me by email if you believe the attendance record is incorrect.
If you need to attend more meetings or need to pass one or more of the required tests, or you simply would like more instruction regarding the rules, then come to 1 or both of the makeup meetings. The makeup meetings are this month on Tuesday, October 8th and Tuesday, October 22nd at Old World in Huntington Beach PLEASE NOTE: The meeting on the 8th will not be in the main hall. Instead, it will be in the Jager room. Just ask for directions from the staff when you get there. On Oct 22nd we will meet in the main hall. Old World has great food and drink, feel free to order a meal and/or a beverage (soft or adult). They allow us to use the facility for no charge, so let’s support them with our business.
I will be reviewing the Summer Study guide at the makeup meeting #1 on Tuesday, October 8th and the other 4 rules tests at the second makeup meeting on Tuesday, October 22nd. If you come to the Oct 8th meeting and need to complete or pass the Summer Study guide, I will open the test for you. If you come on the 22nd and need one or more of the tests, I will open the test up for you to complete and hopefully pass. Obviously, I won’t be able to go over the entire test in time we have available so go through the tests and pick out the questions you are struggling with and we will go over those.
In addition, time permitting, Paul Caldera will be presenting his approach preparing a crew with a pregame conference. If you’ve ever worked with Paul, you know that his pregame discussions are among the best. If you want to eventually white hat at any level, you can benefit from hearing Paul’s discussion.
I am not going to be pestering those of you who haven’t completed the tests or attended the required 5 meetings. We are all adults, you are responsible to make sure you are qualified for playoffs and next season.

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