Week 6 Football Notes

This email was sent to all Orange County high school football contacts and officials.

League Starts
Everything notches up moving forward. Cooler heads prevail. Slow down!
Officials should find items their previous games that they want to review with your crew.
Review Mark Andrew’s “Plays of the Week”. Go to www.ocfoa.org and click the link.

– If an official ejects a player or coach, an ejection report (from the www.ocfoa.org website) must be filled out within 24 hours. Speed Castillo wants to be notified immediately of any ejection.
– All other “incidents” are to be reported on “Incident Reports” (from the www.ocfoa.org website).

Thank You!
– Thanks to the schools helping with the escorting of officials off the field and having locker rooms open at the end of the game. It is greatly appreciated.

Paul Caldera, Assignor
Orange County Football Officials Association

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