Week 4 Football Notes

This email was copied to all Orange County high school football contacts and officials.

Weekly Bulletin
Mark Andrews is our Instructional Chairman. He reviews video sent in by schools as well. He as been sending out a weekly bulletin to our officials. I’ve asked him to share them with the school contacts.

Game Changes
Schools: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send all changes to me. We are barely getting by with officials each week. When I have to switch officials on games, I need to be sure I am giving them correct information.
Officials: Don’t assume them home team is playing on their own campus. Due to construction of several schools, other arrangements have been made. DOUBLE CHECK the location of your games.

1) Please reply to officials reaching out regarding information for parking, dressing facilities, etc.
2) Please have chain crew on the field and clock operator available 20 minutes prior to kick off so officials can instruct them.

1) Just have referee (or have the referee delegate one official) reach out to the athletic director for game information. The crew is to contact the referee for information. The schools are busy and don’t need multiple officials calling for the same thing.
2) Remember to use the OCFOA Ejection Form for ejections and the OCFOA Incident Report for other issues of concern.

Racial Slurs
ZERO TOLERANCE – Don’t simply warn with words. Warn with your flag. If you hear it, throw your flag. Eject when necessary.


Paul Caldera, Assignor
Orange County Football Officials Association

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