Election Results and Newport Rib

OCFOA LOGOThe results of the runoff election are as follows:
President – Jeff Roberts
Secretary/Treasurer – Troy Leonard
Member at Large – Ray Rangle

As in years past, Fran Ursini is willing to keep Newport Rib Company open late if we have enough officials show up. I just spoke to John Ursini and here’s how he’d like it to go. Crew chief or designee, email Newport Rib BEFORE 5 pm on Friday with a count of the number of people that will be attending with your group (include wives, girlfriends new officials observing your game etc). Send the email to owners@ribcompany.com . If there are less than 10 attendees total for a given Friday night, John will email you and let you know that they will not be staying open late on that particular night. If you emailed Newport Rib, be sure to check your email as you are leaving your game. If you don’t have an email from John or Jason at Newport Rib, then you are good to go.

The price hasn’t changed. It’s $15 for food and beer. BRING CASH and don’t forget to leave a tip! I think Friday night at Newport Rib is something really special and a great way to bond with our fellow officials. Let’s keep this tradition going!!

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