Rod Ammari Documents

Rod Ammari

If you attended last week’s meeting, you saw an excellent presentation by Rod Ammari regarding “Preparation and Professionalism”. If you’d like to review that presentation or the presentation that he made to the Flanks class regarding philosophy, they are both available on the OCFOA website under Instructional Downloads Training Program

In addition to the presentations, Rod sent his High School Game Day Routine document as well as the HL and LJ Pre-snap Checklist. The checklist has some references which only relate to college football i.e. Help R with ING: Ball back to LOS & Receiver in area. That’s telling you to help the R with Intentional Grounding. In high school we do not have the requirement for the ball to get back to the LOS, just a receiver in the area. Other references refer to 7-man mechanics i.e. Goal line: H/L will have GL from 7yd line in.

My suggestion would be to go over this checklist with your crew and decide which items need modification and develop a checklist for yourself and your crew. This could be a great document for knocking the rust off at the beginning of the season.

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