Week 2 FB Assignor Notes

This email was copied to all Orange County high school football contacts and officials.

Invalid Fair Catch Signals
Any signal by any player on the receiving team during a kick other than a legal fair catch signal will cause the play to be dead once there is possession or the ball becomes dead by rule. This includes players waving their arms to signal “get away”. Steve Coover (California State Rules Interpreter) has clarified that if the ball ends up in player possession, there will be a flag throw. If the ball simply rolls dead, no flag will be thrown.

Communication Between Schools and Officials
It has been frustrating that officials reach out to schools to clarify where to park and dress and there is no response by the schools. Some schools do not have working shower for after the game. That’s understandable but it would be appreciated if the schools would notify the officials. It’s extremely disappointing that officials have to beg for water during the game and at halftime. These are items listed in the CIF BlueBook. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Heat Index
Schools: Please be sure to contact me for any time changes due to heat. Officials may not be able to accommodate the new time and changes would be needed.
Officials: The referee is to contact the schools for potential changes.

Officials Only
If you are working a varsity game at Bolsa Grande High School, you will dress in the mens coach’s locker room. At halftime, you will be in the room adjacent to the snack bar. If the room is warm, open the door. If you need to use the restroom, you will have to use the one in the team room or the public restroom in the stadium. There will not be anyone to take you back to the coach’s locker room. After the game, you will taken back to the locker room where you can shower.

Paul Caldera, Assignor
Orange County Football Officials Association

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