Weekly Bull, Week ending 9/8

Meeting on 9/4 – We will be holding the general session first this week. Nominees for the board will give their speeches and then we will vote in the classroom.

Equipment– We are doing a good job of enforcing our equipment rules. Remember, jerseys MUST reach the top of the pants. A t-shirt under the jersey which covers the belly is not enough to make the jersey legal. If they are longer than the top of the pants, they must be tucked in. If a player is wearing a jersey that does not reach the top of the pants. Send them off and request that the jersey be replaced. If that’s not possible, allow them to play but report the violation to me and Speed Castillo after the game.

Overtime – Remember, CIF’s overtime rules differ from NFHS. Please review our overtime procedures here http://ocfoa.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/CIF-SS-Overtime-process-2015-2016.docx

Keys to Great Enforcements – 1) The foul information must come quickly, smoothly and completely from the calling official to the referee. The information should include the foul, the offending team (offense or defense), the status of the ball when the foul occurred, and the result of the play. For instance, “I’ve got holding, number 67 offense, at my flag. The pass was incomplete.”  2) The referee must process the nature of the foul and the game situation to determine if the coach needs to be consulted.  If not, provide the umpire with the basics of the enforcement.  3) Referee leaves umpire, HL, and LJ to do their thing…while signaling and moving to the new position. 4) The crew must be ready with the clock status when the referee faces the crew.

Keep Your Sidelines Clear But Your Focus on the Field – We’re doing an outstanding job of keeping the sidelines safe for ourselves and for coaches and non-players.  This is an important portion of your pre-snap routine, but less so when we get into the Red Zone.  Remember, we must be fully present and ready to officiate the next play.  If we’re fixated on the status of the team box, maybe we’re not ready for the snap?

Unintentional Contact in the Restricted Area – Please review these enforcements.  Unintentional contact in the restricted area calls for a 15-yard personal foul on the non-player involved.  A second offense calls for another 15 yards plus the disqualification of the head coach.  Important: This sequence does not couple with any other unsportsmanlike foul on the head coach.  So, the head coach calls you a bad name and is flagged.  Then there is contact with the head coach.  The head coach is not ejected (Case Book page 93) 9.8.1 Situation D.  Treat Unintentional Contact as a separate event from all others when it comes to ejecting a head coach.  It takes two in each separate case…not combined.

Contact with Coach or Nonplayer on the Field – This foul falls under rule 9-8-1i being on the field except as a substitute or replaced player.  15 yards charged to the offending coach or non-player.  These are not charged to head coach – only to the person who commits the act.  These unsportsmanlike fouls can couple with other unsportsmanlike fouls for cursing or arguing to cause the ejection of the offending coach or non-player.  These do not go automatically to the head coach!

What Fouls Do Automatically Go to Head Coach? – Failure to comply with the coin toss, being ready to start game or second half, failure to have his players legally equipped after verifying legality in the pregame conference.  Plus – Second unintentional contact between a non-player and a game official in the restricted areas while the ball is live is an automatic ejection of head coach.

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